Adoption: The Dream

For as long as she can remember, she knew she was adopted. Her parents told her at an early age, so early that she can’t remember when. Her parents did all the right things, read books to her about adoption, let her know that she was special and that she was loved so much. They wanted to give her a good life.
And she had that good life…. Until years later…

Her birth mother was 16, her birth father, 23. This was back in 1963. The birth mother’s parents were horrified, ashamed and forbade the girl from ever seeing this boy again. He was quite lucky they didn’t press charges. There was no other option than to have this baby and give her up for adoption.

The adoptive parents were married and tried for years to have a child of their own. They researched adopting because they really wanted a baby, a child. Then this beautiful baby girl was born, they were contacted by the agency, and she went home, adopted by loving parents a month after her birth. In those days, the agencies tried their hardest to place a child with a family that was of the same religion and same ethnicity as the birth parents. This was no exception.

Two years later, her adoptive mother gave birth, able to now conceive a child, and her brother was born. To this day, they still look like brother and sister. No one would know by looking at them together that they had different parents. The white picket fence, middle class family dream had now come true. Except there was no white picket fence.

It was her decision whether to tell anyone or not that she was adopted. Her parents left it up to her as it was never something that was hidden and tucked away. She was their daughter, the eldest sibling as far as anyone was concerned. And that is how she felt so she chose not to mention it. There really was no point. This was her family, these were her parents, and secretly,  she found it amusing that no one ever questioned her brother and her being biological siblings.

As a young child, adoption was never an issue. It was barely a thought. That is, until the pesky teenage years hit. Full Force.

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Surviving Life and Persevering On

Persevering on… surviving life… amazing sometimes how one person just keeps on going. Struggle after struggle, sometimes no hope or light at the end of the tunnel, this site is about life survival, persevering no matter what situation arises.

Follow along as a fifty something year old recounts tales of growing up dysfunctional and finally “making it”, living a wonderful happy life. From being adopted, teenage struggles, parental alcoholism, figuring out sexuality, death to breakdowns, drugs, and incarceration, she’s been through a lot, more so than the average individual should have to endure.

Now, It wasn’t all bad but this just goes to show events that happen early on in life do shape the way one grows up. After so long you either give up or say screw it, I am going to make something of myself. This is what she did, she found the inner strength each and every time to keep going forward, always believing it had to get better… just had to. Even when she thought she was finally rising above the rubble and things were going along smoothly, bam… hit another brick wall.  But, it’s all about surviving life.

Maybe she wasn’t really ready? Maybe although she was trying to be positive and do good, her own subconscious thoughts were sabotaging her. It was always an uphill battle… one step forward, two steps back.

She thought quite a few times about giving in and just giving up throughout the years, even attempted suicide but what a life (years later) she would have missed.

Maybe one person out there is going through some of these same situations. If so, maybe her stories can help. It does and can get better and takes a bit of soul searching work. You just have to have had enough of life as you know it and be willing to accept the fact that you deserve so much better!



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